Kristina Furey

Entry III of "The List"



Theme music plays

The cemetery is seen from the view of a circling helicopter.  It is a large ceremony.  There’s a lone figure broken off from the crowd. 



Camera zoomed in on Brandon Deveroux.


Brandon Deveroux is apart from others and  placing flowers on a grave.  The headstone reads Victoria Walton-Deveroux.   He kneels down at the grave.  

The camera angle changes to reveal a box turtle that is moving behind him.

The theme music transitions into the first verse of “Wish”.

Brandon closes his eyes in meditation. 

Brandon gets up and heads towards the funeral.

Brandon walks by the turtle, which is very close to the funeral and heading for the road.

“Wish” chorus plays

Rain begins to pour.  People disperse and run for their cars.

The music continues playing but stops short of the second verse and then reverts to theme music.

Cars are driving out of the cemetery in single file bumper-to-bumper.  The road quickly becomes muddy and full of puddles. 

Jenny has taken shelter under a tree as she waits for the mob to find their cars.  She spots a turtle crossing the muddy road and cars are driving over it.  She runs over to save it.  The cars continue moving.  Jenny starts waving her hands over her head and yelling. 

The theme music fades.


ELSA:  What is that crazy girl doing?

DRIVER:  She appears to be saying something.  Would Madame like me to open the window and see?

ELSA:  It would only get us wet, drive on Mumphy.


Jenny, crying now, manages to put herself between the cars.  Finally, one stops.

The beginning of the “Wish” song plays.

Jenny craws under the front of the car.

Someone grabs Jenny by the elbow and helps her up.

She stares into the eyes of Brandon Deveroux.

(Music abruptly stops)

BRANDON:  Is everything okay?

JENNY:  Yes, thank you.  (She stares at Brandon, blinking in amazement.  Her makeup is running and she’s covered in mud.)

BRANDON:   (Noticing the turtle) Oh, I see you have a friend with you and how is he?


Brandon stares at the turtle in Jenny’s hand. 

JENNY:  Oh, you mean the…

Cars start honking their horns.

JENNY:  …turtle?

BRANDON:  We should probably move.  (He leads Jenny away by her elbow and puts his free hand on her back in a protective gesture, putting himself between Jenny and the car.)

JENNY:  (Now engrossed in how the turtle looks)  He looks okay.  (She holds him up close to Brandon’s face.)  What do you think?

BRANDON:  (taken aback) Well, I’m not a real vet but I’ve played one in a movie and, he looks okay to me.  Maybe we should find a safe place to let him go.

JENNY:  That looks like a good spot over there.  (She points to the edge of the cemetery. Where there are some woods.  She holds the turtle up to her face.)  You’re okay now little guy.  No big bad car’s gonna run you over.

BRANDON:  That was quite the rescue.

JENNY:  I just couldn’t believe they wouldn’t stop.  (Back to turtle) No smashed turtles on my watch.  No sir-ee!

BRANDON:  I think he just smiled at you.

JENNY:  (Still looking at the turtle.)  You think?  (She looks at Brandon and sees him smirking.)  Nah, it’s just gas!  Oh, my gosh!  I am so sorry.  I can’t believe I just made a gas joke to Brandon Deveroux!

BRANDON:  Actually, it’s refreshing to be joked with.

JENNY:  (Putting the turtle down in its chosen safe spot.)  So you think he’ll be happy here and stay off the roads?

BRANDON:  As long as he doesn’t follow you home.

JENNY:  Thank you.  (They turn to walk back.)

BRANDON:  I didn’t do anything.  You’re the turtle hero.

JENNY:  For caring, thank you for caring.  (She stares at him.)

BRANDON:  That was a nice speech you made but I didn’t understand the last part about putting things in perspective.

JENNY:  (Her eyes dart away.) Oh I, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.

The second verse of the song, “Wish” starts. 

They walk back to the tree Jenny stood under when the rain started.  They don’t speak and their actions give the sense of an awkward silence as neither one wants the moment to end but either knows how to keep it going.

The second verse transitions into theme music.

The camera shows the turtle walking away one last time. 

They are the only ones left.  Jenny looks around.  She reaches into her jacket pocket.

The theme music stops.

Jenny pats herself down and starts to panic.

BRANDON:  Is there a problem?

JENNY:  My keys, I can’t find my keys.  I had them when I got here.  How could I?  (She cries and starts to slump down into a ball on the ground.)

BRANDON:  (He stops her from sitting in the mud by grabbing her arm and he moves her towards his car.)  Why don’t we sit in my car, while we figure this out?

JENNY:  (Looking down at her skirt and getting more nervous.)  Oh no, I’m such a mess.  I couldn’t possibly…

BRANDON:   Come on.  (He gets Jenny to the car, opens the passenger door and flips the floor mat over and gently shoves the protesting Jenny into the car.)

JENNY:  But I’ll ruin your interior!

BRANDON:  It’s okay, really.  (He walks around and gets in on the driver’s side.)


JENNY:  Why, why did I?  Why?  (She shakes her head and whispers.)  I lost the keys.  (then, says to Brandon) They’re Rebecca’s.  It’s (sniff) everything.  (She continues to cry.)

BRANDON:  (going to hug her and whispering)   I know, I know.   (He holds her as she cries.)

JENNY:  (Pulls back and stares at her feet then at Brandon’s.  Her mascara is running and she looks like she has raccoon eyes.)  I’m sorry.

BRANDON:  It’s okay.  She was your best friend and it’s been a long hard day for you.  How about, I just take you home or to your hotel?

JENNY:  (Starts to cry again.)  I, I’m staying at Rebecca’s.  That’s her car.  Her house keys were on the key chain.  I feel like such an idiot.  I can’t call Sophie because her card is in the car.  There’s, nobody…  (She continues to cry.)

BRANDON:  (He hugs her and strokes her hair.)  It’s okay, I’ll put you up in a hotel tonight and we’ll figure this out in the morning.  It’s going to be okay.  We can go back tomorrow and look for the keys. 

JENNY:  (Looks up at him and shakes her head yes.)  Okay.

Brandon lets go of her and starts the car.  They sit quietly.  Jenny looks at her feet.



Jenny has begun to pull herself together.  She straightens her skirt, bites her lip, looks around the car, looks out the window and then looks at Brandon. 

JENNY:  (There’s no cry left in her voice.)  I’ve totally disrupted your day. 

BRANDON:  (smirking)  Really?  And I was just thinking you’re the turtle hero and how could I ever ask you for your autograph.  I don’t even know your name.

JENNY:  It’s Jenny  (She pauses and smiles)  Matisse.  You’re such a nice guy.

BRANDON:  Really, nice huh?  I’ve been called many things but I don’t think nice was ever one of them. 

JENNY:  So, what’s the best thing you were ever called?

BRANDON:  Wait a sec., (He holds his right pointer finger up and looks at her.)  Who do you work for?  This is starting to sound like an interview.

JENNY:  (laughing nervously) No, whatever you say, I swear will never leave this car and if you knew me, you would know that I always keep my promises, pinky swear.  (She holds up her pinky.)

BRANDON:  Pinky swear?

JENNY:  Yes, now you hold up your pinky…

Brandon slowly removes his right hand from the steering wheel and slowly extends his pinky.

JENNY:  (Locks pinkies with him and looks him straight in the eye and with total sincerity says)  Pinky swear. 

BRANDON:  (Shaking his head and half laughing)  I don’t know.  (He side glances at her and then returns his eyes back to the road.)  Okay, but in return you have to answer a question.

JENNY:  What?  (She playfully big eyes him and shifts her eyes from side to side.)

BRANDON:  Who’s having trust issues now?

JENNY:  Okay, you are helping me out of a jam here and you are the nice Brandon Deveroux.  Anything, but the answer, never leaves this car and you have to answer first.

BRANDON:  The best thing anyone ever called me, was Mr. Practical. 

JENNY:  Mr. Practical?

BRANDON:  My wife used to tease me with that one, whenever she wanted things her way and we weren’t exactly seeing things eye to eye.  That’s what she called me and it was the best thing anyone ever called me.  She’d say, “Come on, why, must you be Mr. Practical?”  As she gave in, or “Okay, Mr. Practical,” and then have some practical reason I should side with her.  Or, sometimes she’d say, “No one likes a party pooper, Mr. Practical!”

JENNY:   Mr. Practical, it makes sense now.  Oh, your wife was so beautiful; I can’t imagine you two ever disagreed on anything.  I’m sorry.


JENNY:  You lost her.

BRANDON:  It feels good to talk about her.  Which, brings me to my question.  What did you mean when you said, “Even in death you help me put things in perspective?”

JENNY:  Hmm.

BRANDON:  (wiggles his pinky)  Pinky swear, remember?

JENNY:  But this is hardly…  Oh, all right.  Well, when she and I were young there was no one I felt closer to.  When the other girls were catty, as girls can be, I could trust she wouldn’t be.  She was the smartest girl in the whole school.  There was just so much to admire about her.  (Jenny is quiet a moment and looks out her window and traces the raindrops running down the window.) When she moved, hmm, the distance made me doubt our closeness. Writing her eulogy, reminded me of the truth.  It… put things in perspective…  only too late.

BRANDON:  Guilt, I know it well.

JENNY:  I guess, maybe it is guilt.  I hate to think she died thinking…

BRANDON:  Thinking what?

JENNY:  Um, well, I hope she didn’t have the same doubts I did.  It’s confusing, hard to explain.

BRANDON:  No, I think I understand.  Often, the ones closest to us are the ones we take the most for granted.  (They pull into the hotel-parking garage.)  The last few weeks of my wife’s life, she and I were so busy, working on our projects.  I thought, “Catherine the Great,” was so important but I had no idea what important was until I heard that the helicopter crashed.

Jenny lays her hand on his forearm.

BRANDON:  I beat myself up over it, for a long time afterwards.

JENNY:  I’m sorry.  (She looks down at her hand on his forearm and slowly pulls it away.)  Oh, my, we’re here.  (She wipes her eyes quickly, sniffs and looks away.) 

BRANDON:  (Looks at his forearm, at Jenny and then away.)  Shall we?



Close up on a mirror.  The mirror reflects the elevator.  The elevator opens.  Brandon and Jenny are in the elevator.  Jenny sees herself in the mirror.  Her eyes open wide and she gasps.  This is the first time she has seen herself since rescuing the turtle.

BRANDON:  You okay?

JENNY:  Bathroom, where’s the bathroom?

BRANDON:  (points in the direction of a restroom sign.)  I’ll go take care of the room. 

Jenny walks with her face pointed towards the ground to the bathroom door.


Jenny steps in and throws the weight of her body against the door.

JENNY:  Oh, my, gosh!  (She covers her face in her hands and slides along the door to the floor.)

Juliette Carter is in the bathroom stall.

JULIETTE:  (calls out) Are you okay?

JENNY:  (quickly replies.  She talks fast.)  Yes, no, no, I mean yes, no, I don’t know…

JULIETTE:  Hey, now you’re starting to scare me. 

The toilet flushes.

JENNY:  (equally fast)  No, I’m just a mess.  Any other girl in my situation would probably consider herself the luckiest girl on earth.  But me…

JULIETTE:  (Walks out, goes to the sink and washes her hands.)  So you want to tell me what the problem is?

Jenny is still on the floor with her face in her hands.

JULIETTE:  Guys have bars and bartenders to help sort out their problems and women, well we have the ladies room.  (She dries her hands.)

JENNY:  Uh…  (She points at toilet paper stuck to Juliette’s shoe.)

JULIETTE:   (She takes a tissue and removes the toilet paper and then throws it away.)  So, what’s it gonna be?  (She offers Jenny her hands.  Jenny allows Juliette to help her up.)  Oh honey!   (Juliette looks Jenny over.)  You got caught in that storm didn’t you?  (Jenny shakes her head, yes.)  Come on now, clean yourself up.  (Jenny starts by washing her hands.)  So tell me, what’s got you so upset?

JENNY:  (whining) Look at me.  I’m such a mess.

JULIETTE:  This is true.  Maybe you should rinse your face off.  (Jenny does and Juliette offers Jenny a paper towel.  Jenny dries her face.)

JENNY:  Hey, you’re…

JULIETTE:  (extending her hand)  Juliette Carter and you?

JENNY:  Jenny Mattise.

Juliette reaches into her purse and pulls out a brush.  She hands it to Jenny.

JENNY:  Thanks.

JULIETTE:  I’m curious Jenny… How does someone become the luckiest girl in the world?

JENNY:  (Brushing her hair and speaking fast)  Well, it’s a long story but to make it short, I’ve just met what could be the most wonderful man in the world.  The downside,  (She closes her eyes, and pauses)  Just look at me.

JULIETTE:  Well, you’re shaping up.

Jenny’s newly brushed hair still looks messy.

JULIETTE:  (She pulls a small bottle and a Q-tip out of her purse.) One more thing.  (She puts the Q-tip in the bottle and uses it to remove Jenny’s raccoon eyes, left from her mascara.  The she takes hairpins out.)

Jenny returns the brush.

Juliette brushes Jenny’s hair.

JULIETTE:   Trust me.  (pause)  So how’d you get so messy?

JENNY:  (Takes a deep breath and exhales the dialog)  I was saving a turtle.

Juliette puts Jenny’s hair in a French twist.  There’s a knock on the bathroom door.

BRANDON:  (From the other side of the door.)  Jenny, are you still in there?  I got a room.

JENNY:  Just a minute!

JULIETTE:   You just met?  (finishing the French twist)

JENNY:   Thank you.

JULIETTE:  You can keep the brush.

Jenny opens the door.  Juliette sees Brandon.

JULIETTE:  (under her breath)  Guess you are the luckiest girl in the world and I’m the luckiest reporter.


BRANDON:  Hey, look at you.  (Referring to the brush)  I always suspected the ladies room was some sort of salon, forbidden to men.

JENNY:  I made a friend.  Well, actually, a very nice lady took pity on me.  She gave me the brush and the do.




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